«We don't have to be world class to start, but we have to start to be world class one day.»
Christian Bischoff

Bernhard Schimpl

Coach / Performance Diagnosticer

Bernhard "Berny" Schimpl is a central part of my career. In autumn 2012, I got to know him. Six months later, I made my first triathlon and within 2 years he made a triathlete out of me who is able to finish top 10 in an Ironman event.
As a trainer and performance diagnostician with many years of experience in various sports he has a fundamental knowledge which enables him to take the most out of every athlete in every single workout.

Thanks for your commitment Berny! Without you the sport would not be what it is.

Philipp Zunke

Sports Physiotherapist

To also be well looked after in Salzburg, I was looking for another physiotherapist. And I quickly got to know that you are in good hands at the Physiozentrum Salzburg. Since then the team around Philipp Zunke cares about my well-being and ensures my physical condition in training and competition is excellent.

Thanks for your support!